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Procurement is a critical part of a company's growth and financial sustainability.  Our services range from developing, operating, consulting, advising, coaching and training services.  Whether you are a small, medium or large company, we can provide the service that best fit your needs and procurement transformation requirements.

Procurement Strategy and Policy Development

We work with you to assess your current state and develop an effective sourcing strategy both on the short and long term.  We custom develop a strategy and policies that take into account your size, scope of services, resources, locations, tools and technologies.  Both of which would also be aligned to your company's goals and objectives.

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Organizational Management Skill / Talent Management

Assessment, identification and development of the appropriate procurement organization. Advisory services, training, mentoring and/or coaching

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Supply Chain Risk. Procurement Risk.  Cyber Security / Data Security

The risks of Cyber and data security are real.  Your company’s reputation and brand can be at stake.  Hackers are evolving with the technology.  They are using all creative means in accessing the “jewels” of a company and using it for their advantage.  Your supply chain and procurement are target areas as evidenced by the "Target" and "Home Depot" cyber attacks
How confident are you that your supply chain and procurement are ready? We can help.

A paper on this topic can be shared with you at no cost.  "Supply Chain Risk" Cyber Security and Data Security in Supply Chain and Procurement. 

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Strategic Sourcing. Procurement Operations. Technology and Analytics

Review and develop improvements to category management.  Strategy development, spend analytics, project and bid management including make vs buy assessments, sourcing and procurement operation process enhancement, stakeholder communication, supplier management and technology identification most efficient to your current state.


Outsourcing Solutions. Transition Management.  Change Management

Make Vs buy assessment--In house or outsource solutions.  Assisting in the transition from current state to the revised procurement organization.  Help in driving Change Management.  One of the most critical success factors when transforming a company's Procurement organization.

Web Consultation
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