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Technology Transformation is critical to a company's survival in an era that is based on a technology information economy, competitive disruptive services, and seamless exceptional customer expectations.  Our services range from advising, consulting, training, solutioning, developing and implementing services.  Whether you are a small, medium or large company, we can provide the service that best fit your needs and technology transformation requirements.

Cloud Migration.  

● Planning and executing migration strategy.
●  Assessing risk.  Budgeting and security.
●  Software Development

●  Implementing migration services through SaaS , Open Source and Batch based tools.

Digital Mind

Technology: Needs Assessment, Implementation, Adoption, and ROI Success

●  Capability assessments, Gap Analysis, case Development
●  Digital Platform Roadmaps, Architecture, Integration
●  Acquisition integration: Discovery, Phasing, Execution
●  Technology Readiness Assessment

●  Adoption Risk Mitigation, and ROI Success planning
●  Vendor Selection, RFP, and Proof Of Concept Design
●  Project Office / PMO Design, Staffing, and Execution
●  Data modeling

●  Reference architecture design Governance

●  Best Practice model definition and implementation

Computer Programming

AI Machine Learning based Analytics

●  Advising and Consulting services

●  Maintaining AI Solutions to production

●  Developing, implementing and deploying AI Applications




●  Marketing Automation
●  SEO & SEM Analytics
●  Marketing Databases
●  B2B eCommerce 
●  Artificial Intelligence (AI), ML Social CRM platforms
●  CMS/Content Management
●  Digital Asset Management
●  CRM/Salesforce.  Live Chat, Chat bots
●  Web Analytics and Data management platforms
●  Programmatic AdTech. MultiVariate / A/B testing
●  Net Promoter Score 

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