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Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by the Corona Virus and our thanks to all who are on the front line with their unconditional sacrifices.

Reliance Solution Services is committed to providing services at no cost to companies who have been hit hard by the current environment. Reach out for additional information.

 We are your Chief Transformation Specialists


Leading and delivering strategy and transformation at enterprise and operational level across industries. 

We push the limits of conventional thinking focused on a day-to-day operations to a more strategic level helping organizations drive revenue, enhance business quality, minimize risk and be at the for front of innovation

Strategy. Process.  People. Operation.  Organization.

We help you rethink your business and provide you services ranging from growth strategy, innovation, M&A/post-merger integration, business/ process redesign, strategic cost reduction, strategic sourcing, organizational transformation and interim management​

Strategy. Social Media. Technology. 

To be able to compete, every business must transform digitally.  The implication and the results of embracing a digital strategy demands your business attention. 


We can help meet your demands in a nimble and quick approach

Strategy. Process.  People. Operation.  Cyber Security

We help you enhance your procurement organization. 

Whether you are considering keeping your Procurement organization or outsourcing it. 

We help you strengthen your procurement organization against Data and Cyber Security

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